Sunday, April 6, 2014

Administrative Justice and Tribunals-England and Wales

Global Issues

Being a part of the Chadron State College Justice Studies Short Term Study Abroad: London May 2014 is not only the opportunity to travel overseas and the ability to put an amazing adventure on my resume, but it gives me the chance to actually apply my education from Chadron State College to real world applications within the justice systems internationally. At first, it was hard to find justice global issues, but eventually I found one that applies to England (and Wales) and that could be helpful to the U.S.

How to Make the Justice System Better

As with any justice system in the world, it is a safe bet that there are constant strives to make the system more efficient and solve more problems for its people. From my research, I found an article that represents how England is trying to make its administrative justice and tribunals run more smoothly and effective. It was very interesting and presented some create ideas that could be possibly implemented in the U.S. Here read it for yourself!

If you don't want to read it, here is a summary of the article:

The administrative justice allows people to challenge decisions by the government (which is great for actual participation of the people and they can change what they do not like) and sometimes these administrative justices are solved at tribunal, but there are problems in the tribunal that effect everyday people.

(Tribunals are sort of like courts that deal with individual people challenging choices of government departments or deal with individuals versus individuals like employment.)

The goal of fixing the administrative justice system is to make it run more smoothly, more quicker, and to effectively help all of those in the actions themselves. This is the list of how they plan to do it:
  • Getting it right the first time
  • Enhancing fairness and efficiency of tribunals
  • Putting users first
  • Identifying the new appeals and working with the government departments   
Honestly, I think these are steps that would great enhance the American justice system. It sounds so easy and simple, but there is a lot of application and change that comes with it. Maybe England getting it right will set an example for the U.S. and we can get it together? Only one can hope!

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