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Ethnocentrism: Pros and Cons

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Ethnocentrism: Pros and Cons


Ethnocentrism is the belief in the inherent superiority of one's own ethnic group or culture or a tendency to view alien groups or cultures from the perspective of one's own. ("Ethnocentrism.", n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2014.) From a first glance, a person would not think this is a good quality, but at further analysis there is good and bad things about ethnocentrism like most qualities people can possess. The good light of ethnocentrism is having strong national pride, it creates a sense of a circle of society, and certain practices, traditions, or acts are kept within the group. The bad side of ethnocentrism are it creates segregation of groups, can make people ignorant of those different from them, and there is no diversity.


Those for Ethnocentrism!

            The good parts of ethnocentrism are national pride, sense of a circle in a society, and the ability of certain practice, traditions, or acts that are kept alive in the group. National pride is a good quality to have from ethnocentrism because a sense of national pride keeps unity in the nation that is always needed in times of need. Such as Pearl Harbor. If there was no national pride then the victims of those attacks would have not been avenged and then the outcome of WWII would have probably been different. Another good quality of ethnocentrism is a sense of a circle within a society because the feeling of belonging in a group is great for overall moral and also health. A feeling of belonging is a natural need from people and ethnocentrism creates that sense of belonging. One last good quality of ethnocentrism is it keeps old traditions, practices, and acts alive since there is a closed-knit group. Keeping old traditions alive is integral for communities and for future generations.


Those against Ethnocentrism!

            The bad parts of ethnocentrism is that it creates segregation of groups, can make people ignorant of those different from them, and there is lack of diversity from the segregation and ignorance. Ethnocentrism creates segregation because people who are ethnocentric feel a superior quality over others and then do not associate with those they feel are beneath them. The lack of associating with those different from them can have serious consequences. From a lack of association comes ignorance. Refusing to associate with others and then believing what you want or believe to be true without finding out the actual facts causes’ ignorance of people, race, or societies. Ignorance leads to problems and potential hostility. From ignorance, there is a lack of diversity which hinders growth. Diversity is needed to grow as a person even on the most basic biological level and a lack of it can create problems with growth and education.


Generally, ethnocentrism has good and bad qualities like a lot of other stuff. When it comes to this London trip ethnocentrism is going to have a big effect on the whole group. When we first arrive people are going to initially judge and compare. That is natural human reaction and hopefully they will take a good spin on it. I have traveled overseas to numerous places and London will be a new place for me. I cannot wait to witness firsthand the differences and what is shared between America and London. In class, we have studied a few qualities of difference, but witnessing it in person is a totally different story.

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