Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Americans and the Royal Wedding

When it came to the Royal Wedding of William and Kate, almost every friend I knew was super excited for it and stayed up to watch the whole thing at four am. I did not, but read it on there news the next day. Here in London, pictures of the royal family are everywhere, but from the impression I got Americans were more excited for it than Londoners were. People are not as excited about the royal family as Americans are and I could only speculate as to why. 

I know there are some people who want the monarchy to disappear, and others who loyally love the royal family, but I can guess that the reason is because the royal family is a rarity for the American people and not as common as in the UK. People in America do not get as excited about President Obama so it is probably the same thing. 

Learning the differences in America and London has been wonderful so far and I cannot wait to discover more.

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