Monday, May 26, 2014

Think Global, Act Global

Thinking globally and acting globally means acting in a way that makes you a "global person". A "global person" is not just a person that has traveled overseas, but is also a person of worldly culture. To be appreciative of others, to understand others, and to know how to handle oneself globally.

How does a person act global? Well that is not something that can be easily answered. You can simply travel overseas or also act in a way that shows global appreciation. I act global by traveling every few years and also by how I present myself to people. From this trip I do act more as a global person.

Now, how does someone think global? To think global can be thinking of what is going on in the world like with the flood in Bosnia, or the FIFA World Cup in Brasil, but to also think about the people in other places and how they affect you to this day. How does the UK legal system affect us? How do natural disasters in Asian countries affect us? Actions of others in different places affect us by economic and political stances that can make or break a lot of places. I would like to say I think globally because I do like to keep up with current world events, and have quite a few friends that are from other places in the world.

From this trip, I have become a more global person and I think it will make me a more better person in the end. It has helped my career and education purposes, but also has helped me in person.

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