Monday, May 26, 2014

Global Competence

What is global competence? Is it knowing current events? Is it being able to hold one's own in a foreign country? Global competence is a vast term that would be hard to label, but for me it is all that and more.

Global competence is knowing what is going on in the world around you. Granted, I am not always up-to-date, but I try to know what is going on because we are all people and knowledge is power. Knowledge of current events like disasters, wars, or anything else can make a huge impact on others globally that to not know would  be irresponsible.

Being able to hold your own in a foreign country is not just good for survival, but is just mannerly and gives a good impression. Traveling overseas is not just fun, but can be great for business and to make friends. I love having friends overseas because it is insight into another culture on this planet. Everyone should learn how to handle yourself in public domestic and foreign.

Global competence encompasses knowledge, personal relations and everything in-between. Study abroad trips are a great way to increase those skills and much more.

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