Friday, May 16, 2014

Pub Crawl-London 2014

Last night the group (minus three) went to the London Pub Crawl and that was so amazing! The Pub Crawl is where you pay a fee £15 for four bars with one free shot and then entrance to a club.

We went to Verve, another club, Ruby, Grace, and then The Zoo. The best bar was Ruby by far.  It had the best music and amazing atmosphere. The shots were awesome and we made some cool friends. The greatest thing was Jordan and I were dying to go to club when we first got here and we got to enter it for free! It was pretty cool and worth going.

After the Pub Crawl, we were trying to find our way back to the hotel and ended up riding a street bike that has a cart, which we also wanted to do. We got an awesome tour of the city for super cheap and had a fun safe night.  Overall, I suggest the Pub Crawl.

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