Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Royal Treatment

Well today was more than I could have asked for. We went to the change of the guard in Buckingham Palace IN THE GATES, got to see Downing Street, and went to New Scotland Yard. And all of this was possible because of Constable Richard Watson.

Yesterday,  Jordan, Josh,  and I watched the changing of the guard from behind the gates and watched through the bars while dealing with thousands of annoying tourists. Today we got to go past the gates and watch up close and personal. It is a rare treat for anyone to do that and all the unlucky tourists behind the gates were snapping pictures of us. That was beyond cool.

After the amazing change of the guard, we got to go down Downing Street which is extremely hard to get into. You have to put in an application and have a real reason to go besides wanting to see it. Another amazing once in a lifetime moment from Constable Watson.

Then we got to go into New Scotland Yard and got cool lectures from a few men in the force which was a great learning experience itself.

All of this was because of Constable Richard Watson who I can never thank enough. I got to do dojo training, witness once in a lifetimes sights, and met a wonderful person who truly does have the best job in the world. Thank you Constable Watson for all you did. I will never forget you and all you did for us in our tiny group of Chadron State College students.

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